Premium Draft

Apologies for how long this took to comprise, but it’s been a busy time. I had the chance to watch my Kansas Jayhawks at Ford Field here defeat Villanova, and due to the conflict with my auction draft this past Sunday, watched them squeeze by Davidson without being there in person.

I took part in two drafts this weekend. One involved the Radio Fans League, a farm system draft. I’ll comment more on that later, but I’d like to focus on the auction as I believe it is a format that requires the most skill and knowledge undoubtedly. Here below I’ve been kind enough to disclose my Auction rankings. Keep in mind this is a 9-team 4×4 league, so two of the strategies I employed, involving catchers and designated hitters, are partly based on the number of these teams. Also, some players are adjusted due to the fact that runs are not a category, nor are strikeouts. (23 Players, $240 budget)

2008 Fantasy Baseball AL Auction Rankings.doc

With that aside, I’ll give you the batting first:

C – A.J. Pierzynski 3
1B – Justin Morneau 24
3B – Scott Rolen 5 (to DL, added Mike Lamb)
CI – Alex Gordon 14
2B – Ian Kinsler 19
SS – Jhonny Peralta 6
MI – Yuniesky Betancourt 5
OF – Bobby Abreu 21
OF – Franklin Guitierrez 5
OF – Josh Hamilton 19
OF – Torii Hunter 20
OF – Jason Kubel 4
DH – Billy Butler 8

Comments:To be honest, I wasn’t really going after Morneau; I saw nothing in the numbers I crunched prior to the draft that indicated a boost back to MVP status, but he ended up being the centerpiece of my offense. Other than he, and possibly Abreu, I felt like this was an offense chalk-full of bargains. I anticipate Gordon, Kubel, Butler and possibly Hamilton being a few of the guys that can certainly exceed more than $5 over their price. I enacted a nomination strategy of DH’s with the intention of people filling their rosters with DH-eligible only players until several of the better ones were the last left on the board successfully; only one other owner was able to bid on Butler, who I believe is close to a $15 player. Overall, I feel like this team could use a little work in speed, but I believe that it will be possibly the top offense in the league. And onto the pitching..

P – Roy Halladay 23
P – Scott Baker 5
P – Zack Greinke 9
P – Dustin McGowan 12
P – Gil Meche 5
P – Joba Chamberlain 2
P – Rafeal Betancourt 5
P – Joakim Soria 14

If you add up the total amounts, you’re going to come up with about $5 short of the budget. Yes, I underspent. I think Chamberlain and Betancourt are fine pickups (particularly for their prices), but only if this staff was stronger than it is. However, if Betancourt jumps into a closer role of Chamberlain gets into a rotation spot or Rivera is befallen with injury, this staff takes a big upturn. Nabbing a second closer at some point is my goal here, but ERA and WHIP are going to be a real strong point of this staff. I think with the offense it’s enough combined.

Overall, I think it’s a top two or three team on paper, with the potential to be the best with the right pickups. If things go right, the paper could be incredible, and I might be able to dish it off for any other shortcomings.

Anyhow, I’ll be back later in the week with another update. Good luck with your drafts if they’re not already done, and to a good start to the season.


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